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Hi, I am Judie, the sole artist behind Love Is Forever Nursery.

Blessed by God 
with a strong faith and deep beliefI am an avid animal lover, my family now consisting of two parrot boys and one fur-baby girl and boy. I have definitely lived a multifaceted life starting my "yarn" dolly creations as a child (taught to me by my mom). I then graduated to the stocking and pompom babies of the 80's and then “reborns”! I love babies and still love dolls and with reborning I have the best of both worlds!When you hold my babies, I want you to feel that same warmth and love that I feel for them and nothing less.

Since late 2004, I have absolutely enjoyed making reborn babies. I come from a long bloodline of naturally creative and artistic people. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business, a former Intensive Care nurse and retired from the automotive industry! As a self-taught Reborn Artist, I do my very best to capture the natural color and detail in each one of my babies. I study volumes of different ethnic photos from minutes old to toddlers. However, the tiny preemies steal my heart every time! Even with years of experience, I am my worst critic. I learn new techniques to advance my reborning skills because, I'm just not satisfied with improving.
Please visit my Remembrance page!
 One of my original stocking dolls and the pompom babies!


I even got into a little monkey business! Meet little Kiwi, he is my chimp. He has a custom-made fur body with hand painted glass eyes and reborn by me. His Southern bell cousins Nema and Deka live happily with their mommies!

Devotedly yours,

P.R.A. (Professional Reborn Artist)



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