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Where my babies R'always babies...

Have a reborn on your wish list? Why not avoid the rush? BABIES  (doll kits reborn) GO FAST!!

WELCOME to LIFNursery Adoption Center!

I have happy parents Worldwide from the states of Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Iowa, Philadelphia, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina just to name a few! Internationally they live in the UK, Australia, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, the Ukraine and more!

I am a proud long term member of the RBD Safe Sellers Index

Please Do not ask me if I can lower my price! I do not except during a special or auction!!!
I have doll kit costs, materials, accessories and clothing involved. These prices do not reflect my time, anywhere from 60 - 80+ hours with painting and rooting the hair and then photography. NONE of which are free for me. I enjoy reborning them, bottom line. If you want cheaper, I understand, keep checking for my auctions or specials or check out my Pea Wee's below!

I accept PayPal, MasterCard and Visa, Postal Money Orders. Layaway / Layby also AVAILABLE

I try to portray my babies as accurate as possible in my photos, but not being a professional photographer does have its drawbacks. Their photos do not always do them justice, I've been told.. I use a 
Nikon D 3300 digital camera in different light settings and when possible I like to use natural light so that you can see the detail in real time!
Thank you for so many information requests! 
Babies brought to life using different paint mediums. Permanent air-dry paints and powders. A "breather" simply means that I have gently opened tiny nostrils to give the illusion of real open baby nostrils, they are then backed with felt and sealed. Not all are breathers. Their pictures just do them no justice! Little Angels waiting on mommies!
Introducing PAUL & PULA - "Maive & Julie" sculpt  by Evelyn Wosnjuk 

BABY STATISTICS:  double your pleasure and double your fun with these sweetest preemie twins! Both have mottling, veining completed with slightly dusky hands and feet found in very newborn babies – customized Caucasian skin tones using GHSP – Pula / Julie “baby girl” has beautiful glass “baby grey” eyes with that sleepy eyed look that will also melt your heart with hand applied eyelashes – a curious little cuddle Diva - magnetic barrette and binky – 1 lb. 14 ozs. 15” long - Paul / Maive “baby boy” will snuggle and sleep through everything! – hand rooted eyelashes – A whooping 2 lbs. 5 ozs.  15” long –magnetic binky – both have hand painted black/brown satin looking no muss hair! – barely there 3-D eyebrows – Nostrils are shaded for depth and realism – 3/4 arms / full legs – baby scented – custom made doe suede bodies from LIFN - wears preemie (and some newborn) clothing – adorable starter layette, with Wil'Beth outfits, pampers and more!

ADOPTION COSTS: $580.00 + s/h

Introducing NAMITA - "Arianna" sculpt by Reva Schick

BABY STATISTICS: This girl has gorgeous green eyes (soft-glass MP) with tear ducts  – has a "double" magnetic binky! - 26” (28” KB) long and weighing a whopping 7 lbs. 13 ozs. Big cutie – Baby scented- veining – AA Honey brown skin tones airbrushed with Jo Sonja’s permanent air dry paints – GHSP overlay - hand rooted upper eyelashes / hand applied lower – 3-D eyebrows – breather – full limbs – rooted with beautiful light brown human hair – pierced ears – wears sized 3 shoe and 12 month baby clothing – jointed doe suede body - customized layette - all new except the sweetest black/white colorful (gently used) romper with red bow tie that I couldn't resist, pampers and more!

ADOPTION COSTS: $695.00 + s/h 
Introducing MING YUE pronounced MING-Ewe - "Mae" sculpt by Sandy Faber

BABY STATISTICS: Ahhh soooo cute! An Asian beauty with soulful Ebony (MP) eyes whose name means “Bright moon”. She had to get her eyes examined and will now come with eyeglasses! – Magnetic binky - 20” (KB) long - weight 5 lbs. 15 ozs.  – Baby scented - veining – Asian skin tones with GHSP – proper mottling - hand applied upper and lower eyelashes – 3-D eyebrows – nose shaded for realism – 3/4 limbs – dark brown soft “Monique Dutch boy” synthetic wig, cut to frame her face beautifully – pierced ears – wears 0-3 /3-6  baby clothing – jointed doe suede body - custom layette, pampers and more!

ADOPTION COSTS: $590.00 Special! now $495.00 + s/h

Introducing TALEYA Annie by Donna RuBert
BABY STATISTICS: AA Toddler (equivalent to a 9 month old) screams Mz. personality - Gorgeous caramel colored skin specially created with GHSP - Big beautiful Masterpiece "smokey Topaz" soft glass eyes that are almond shaped - breather - nails with just trimmed look - Rooted Dark brown human hair so thick that she is definitely ooak, but I just couldn't resist doing this simply adorable hair style on her - upper eyelashes hand rooted/lower hand applied - 3-D eyebrows - breather - tear ducts! - veining - some textured skin on knees and elbows - no magnet due to the shape of her mouth inside, it was impossible to make the magnet hold a binky properly - she will come with a regular binky (prop purposes) and her faux sippy cup - 26 inches long (knees bent 24") - 3/4 limbs - Bountiful Baby doe suede jointed body - Neck / back armature so that she can sit up like a 9 month old and still have that snuggle feel - 8 lbs. 0 ozs. - head diameter 15 1/2" - beauty mark - truly a big girl! She wears 6/9 months easily - size 3 shoe - Comes with some really cute little outfits, birth certificate, bracelet, first toy Dolly
 ADOPTION COSTS: $590.00 + s/h
Meet a baby of a new sort! If you're into Fantasy (or horror depends on your point of view) here is ART that just proves that Baby dragons need love too!
Introducing AQUABLUE & SILVERCLOUD - Realborn Renditions (fairy ears by Denise Pratt of Bountiful Baby)

BABY STATISTICS:   You are seeing double fun with these awesome little fairy preemie twins! Both have mottling, veining completed with dry skin around the hands and feet like real newborn babies – customized Caucasian skin tones using Miracle Blend Permanent Air dry Paints – AquaBlue / Jasper the dark“baby girl” has beautiful glass  special order “Aqua blue” eyes. She has that wide-eyed look that will also melt your heart-  2 lb. 2 ozs. 14” long - SilverCloud / Clover the light “sleeping baby” is just the sweetest sleeper that I've seen - A lightweight of 2 lbs. 0 ozs.  14” long – both are snugly soft! – both have complimenting hand rooted eyelashes and removable custom Iridescent Angelina wings from Crystaline film with fibers - magnetic binkies  – both have been rooted with special ordered "Tussah Silk Viscose Bamboo Blend" mohair (from Italy, very soft to touch) in "Cloud (silver) and water (blue)"! complimented with a diamond shape (AquaBlue) and heart shape (SilverCloud) in the back – delicate jeweled 3-D eyebrows – Nostrils are shaded for depth and realism – full limbs – baby scented – custom doe suede bodies from Bountiful Baby  – adorable "Fairy" starter layette - custom diapers with pins- wears preemie clothing and has lots of love to give! I was told that the pictures do nothing for them!

ADOPTION COSTS: $297.00 + s/h

Introducing SAPHIRA Cecilia head by Sheila Michael
(with generic "clay modified" limbs) 
BABY STATISTICS: Fantasy "O.O.A.K. hand sculpted" polymer clay and vinyl, hand painted for detail. Custom made transparent wings, arms, legs, tongue, face and claws clay sculpted~soft hand applied feather plumes~special ordered~silicone glass dragon eyes in a fabulous "Peacock Blue" from Masterpiece eyes~customized jointed body~She definitely needs room for her 22 inch gorgeous wingspan, made of Angelina "Blue Magic Crystalina" iridescent Film ~ claws range from 2 inches - 1 1/2 inches long ~ special diaper and so much more (but no baby outfits for this little beauty, she set them on fire practicing! Ohhh, and did I mention, that she glows in the dark? She's looking for a mommy and she's beautiful too!
 ADOPTION COSTS: $580.00 + s/h
Introducing LULU  - "CiCi" sculpt by Denise Pratt

BABY STATISTICS: If adorable and cuddly is your thing, little LuLu is a baby primate, (yes a baby chimp) just for you! At 15 ½” long and weighing mere 2 lbs. 11 ozs. This baby loves to be held and will stare back at you with the most loving green “glass eyes” – magnetic hair bow – Custom hand painted with GHSP – baby chimp chin fuzz – hand applied eyelashes – Bountiful Baby customized body – and she love s her bottle…she has “milk mouth” after filling her little tummy – Wears preemie sized baby clothing - she even comes with the cutest “banana” pampers, pacifier and more! Props not included.
ADOPTION COSTS: $170.00 + s/h

Cuddle Corner Babies to meet Your Budget
I just love reborning tiny babies and these little Pea Wee's are no exception! Limited space? They are a wonderful addition and great for those on tight budgets AND without taking up a lot of space.
Sorry, none of my babies come with the hospital / Nursery props. They only come with their specified accessories.
**These babies may be suitable for older responsible children. Think age appropriate, they can come with small parts that can be removed and become hazardous!**
Introducing MARCIA GAYLE - "Lewis" sculpt by Tina Kewy

BABY STATISTICS: I just call her adorable – has magnetic binky and able to suck (right magnetic) fist - 14” long and weighing mere 1 lbs. 9 ozs. Awesome cuddle factor – Baby scented-veining – Caucasian skin tones with Jo Sonja’s permanent air dry paints – mottling - hand rooted eyelashes – 3-D eyebrows – breather -1/4 arms and 3/4 legs – tummy plate with magnetic umbilicus, she’s even had her PKU test on her little heel - wears preemie sized baby clothing – spit bubbles – custom jointed doe suede body - custom layette, pampers, magnetic pacifier!

ADOPTION COSTS: $290.00+ s/h

Introducing PHILANA (means lover of mankind) - "Zane" sculpt by Marita Winters
BABY STATISTICS: This tiny wonder weighs in at 0 lbs. 14 ozs. She's 10.5" (knees bent)-Caucasian mottled skin tones specifically created for her premature size using permanent Jo Sonja's air dry paints-a breather with "milk mouth"-she has hand applied "strawberry blond" (no out-of-place) mohair!- hand rooted eyelashes-veining-baby scent-doe suede body-3/4 arms & full legs - a magnetic hand crocheted Binky and faux formula bottle, her (R) thumb has a magnet so that she can suck her thumb! - hospital ID Bracelet-cloth diaper-custom sewn layette- hand crocheted jacket-hat and booties and more! She is ready for world travel-coming with her own baby passport!
ADOPTION COSTS: $179.00 + s/h 
Introducing ZAWADI (Zah-Wah-dee) "Marnie" Ltd. Ed 41 / 250 sculpt by Lori Light
BABY STATISTICS: I just love her little bald head and milk chocolate baby smooth skin tones! This little African beauty’s name means “gift” in Ethiopia. At 14 ½” long and weighing mere 1 lbs. 14 ozs. she's equivalent to a 28 week gestation. Zawadi loves to be cuddled and sleeps soundly safely in your arms – Custom airbrushed painted beautiful skin tones with Jo Sonja’s permanent air dry paints (sealed with Genesis Matte overlay) –hand rooted eyelashes – 3-D eyebrows – and her nose has been shaded for realism…3/4 limbs –  she wears preemie sized baby clothing - she comes with the cutest tiny “sandals” ornate custom head dress, extra pamper, magnetic pacifier and more!
ADOPTION COSTS: $350.00 + s/h
Introducing AMBERLYNN "Heaven Sent" sculpt by Kymberli Durden

BABY STATISTICS: An adorable rare Kymberli Durden (an older Caucasian (2008) baby was her 3rd micro-preemie baby. She was rooted with Bountiful Baby "Strawberry Blonde mohair and her beautiful skin tone was derived from custom blended (permanent pigmented) ink mediums. She's a cuddly 1 lb. 0 ozs. micro-preemie 10.5" long. She's a breather, has "baby blue" soft glass MP eyes with hand applied eyelashes, doe suede body, 3/4 arms / full legs and cute baby "spit" bubbles! She comes with a magnetic hand crocheted Binky, hospital ID Bracelet, her custom made "Buttons & Bows" bassinet /pillow and coverlet, cute little onesie, extra pamper, 1st toy, gorgeous Christening gown with matching bonnet, bloomers, tiny baby rosary, booties and blanket.
ADOPTION COSTS: $169.00 + s/h
 The work that I put into them is done because I want that baby to take your breath away whenever you look at them...All of my babies arrive beautifully wrapped with a complete personal layette, first toy and more. All clothing is new or custom! Unless, it's something that I can't resist and it has to be very gently used. In any case you will be made aware.
 If you want to see more photos of certain babies feel free to contact me! Some babies can be redressed as the opposite sex if requested, ONLY if you have started the adoption process. That being a 25% non-refundable deposit or in full payment! Please do not ask me before then, as I will not make any changes prior! You have the option of a 1 - 3 month layaway plan. See my "CONTACT ME" page for more information! Thank you for your interest in the babies!

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.

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