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This "My Twin" wasn't exactly what her mommy expected, so after several years she decided to do something about it. I permed her hair to look filled in and more like the photo. Her mommy was quite pleased, in fact she had her ears pierced as well!

This little cutie had a slight mobility problem! Her Mommy loved London but, she just wasn't floppy. She  asked if I could help her? London had a custom made body but the wrong size and wrong style for her. As well, a bit over stuffed. She was outfitted with a jointed "preemie" doe suede body that is proportionate to her head and 3/4 limbs. Now she's very easy to pose, smells baby sweet and her mommy is really loving her!

Bonnie (as I call her) was gifted to me. We can't remember what they used to call her but she was supposed to be able to walk with you....sort of. LOL Well, it didn't take long I knew that this girl was going to love a complete makeover. She loved every minute of it and hasn't stopped smiling since~

Katrina wanted a little sister so I purchased her and found out that she was a well played with child's doll! Tasha is an adorable 33 inch exclusive Ashton Drake Premiere Issue "A Sister is a Hand to Hold" designed by Julie Fisher. I re-painted her skin tones, re-dressed and re-wigged her. She had a star-gazing problem that was repaired in her neck. She's been looking up to her big sis every since~

 I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed seeing the transformations of these babies!


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