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Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own.
Not forgetting a single minute, that you did not grow under my heart, but in it...

A PASSAGE OF LOVE...The art of reborning is pleasantly time consuming and you must enjoy it. With each single-minded goal, I gently develop each baby's individual personality with every magical stroke of color. Every effort is made to capture accurate and delicate skin tones privy to their dainty features. The drive that makes me more and more passionate about my babies is when I bring everything together in one detailed life-like package.

  Coloring pigments that I use are permanent such as Genesis Heat Set Paints or high quality air-dry paints (BabyFX, WaterBorne, Jo Sonja's or Miracle Blend). NO internal washing's. The process take weeks to complete and for that reason no baby will leave my nursery until I am satisfied. I do not duplicate any of my babies, even twins, because each one is a little individual!

I pour love into each baby from beginning to end, pampering from start to finish as if they were my very own. I use new materials, clothing and accessories to reborn my babies. There's no cutting costs when it comes to what I put into or on my babies. From micro-preemie to toddler, you can be sure that they are handled with TLC and do not contain sand.

RE-BIRTHING IS A LABOR OF LOVE developing each baby's personality is very similar to pregnancy, not quite not as long! They receive first baths in Dawn dish washing liquid to remove factory impurities. Their pigmentation is done in very thin layers until I achieve the desired baby-soft complexion that is specific to each infant. I open most of their tiny nasal passages to give them the appearance of literally being to breath. Rarely, I will simply shade the nostrils, giving the illusion of depth and openness.
Open-eyed babies (OEB) have life-like eyes by Masterpiece or the more expensive mouth blown glass eyes in newborn or beautiful eye colors. Hand applied wispy baby or micro-rooted eyelashes are added and toddlers may have lower lashes with tear ducts!
THE RE-BIRTH JOURNEY TINY BODIES I only use a good quality (most are fully jointed) doe suede body, fully customized specifically for them or the Ltd. Edition “artist original” bodies on my babies. Limbs can be full, three quarter limbs or quarter limbs for that extra floppy feel (sleepy bodies). They can have a “heart or voice box” pocket and they are filled with ultra-soft poly fill sometimes combined with soft baby fat pellets. This gives them that extra baby soft feel. They are weighted with ultra fine / macro sized glass or small steel beads to reach an appropriate healthy goal weight. The baby bodies are baby scented. So if you are special ordering and don't like or allergic to certain scents be sure to decline the baby scent!

LITTLE LIMBS are weighted with ultra fine glass beads, fiberfill and sealed. Once the seal cures the limbs are attached to the body and checked for proper weightiness. Once the little head is attached, they are weighed on an authentic baby scale, measured and dressed in new outfits selected especially for that baby!

THE PLEASURE OF REBORNING...I honestly enjoy reborning, because I love to see each little personality evolve while making my babies come to life for you. I love receiving compliments on their realism. My babies lie in your arms like real babies! I always look forward to new mommy responses!

PREPARING FOR THEIR JOURNEY HOME...Before they are released from the nursery and prepared for their journey home. They receive a complete physical; :o) joints are re-checked, and coloring is checked for any possible blemishes. Their portfolio is completed with gorgeous little outfits and cute baby picture poses! They are now sweet and lasting heirlooms that will touch your heart forever!

These babies are very therapeutic (great for elderly patients especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and several forms of depression). So many times it is hard to put them up for adoption because they are so very life-like, but I can't keep them all! (be sure to read my Mommy Reviews)..

My babies are worldwide and never contain sand, NEVER!

Be the best at what I do and do not sell what I would not buy
”cheap things are of no value, and valuable things are never cheap”...

My babies come from a smoke and pet free nursery. They are not meant to be play toys for children. They are Adult Collectibles for you to enjoy for years to come...from my heart to yours!


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