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I continue learning new techniques that enhance my reborning skills. Although I specialize in AA reborns, I love doing babies of all ethnicities. Being truly passionate about working with my babies, I pour love into each one from beginning to end. I do not rush to pump out babies just to sell. 
Pampered from start to finish...once completed, they are a sweet and lasting comfort that are meant to touch your heart forever!

Gorgeous life-like Adult Collectables just for you...

I feel so blessed that I am able to choose in life, a path that I truly love and enjoy. I truly feel blessed with the God given talent to recreate a tiny lifelike keepsake baby for you. Encouraged by your delightfully written comments, I will continue to realize my goals.

My babies are from a smoke and pet
 free nursery and are not meant to be play toys for children. They are Adult Collectible Reborn Babies for sale. They may and can have small "prop parts" that can be removed and swallowed by children! They are for you to enjoy for the years to come...from my heart to yours!

My babies are worldwide and never contain sand, NEVER!


For those that are new to reborn babies, welcome to the reborn world! Here are just a few hints when looking for your dream baby.
Look at the photos. Are they clear (daylight or studio lights), sharp (can you make out the face and hands or are they blurry and your guess is good as mine and do you see any close up photos? If not, ask for more photos. If it's a "booboo" baby, one that has some minor defect(s) but you love it. They should already have clear concise information as to what, where and maybe even how. Look at the paint job (genesis, air dry paints are pretty much the norm now), it should be blended to flow in the natural path of life-like. Do the lips look doll like or life-like...babies do not wear lipstick.  Ask how long have they been doing "reborns" if they don't say (some of us can do it for years and still have a hangup or two, but the love is there and it shows). Do they have a website or blog? Check out their previous work and comments from past clients. Then check out other babies, and don't get it wrong. Every artist has her or his own unique signature style. You can have 50 artists painting the same sculpt and it will look different one from the other. Think of it like coloring...I love to color, getting my favorite colors and making sure that I colored inside of the lines...not everyone can color between the lines. 
What do they use to weight them? Rice, rocks, aquarium gravel, sand, beans, nuts and bolts and other things that I will not mention, are not good to consider for reborn longevity. Food equals bugs and sand can also cause you not to get your baby if living overseas because of possible bug or bacteria infestation. This should be easy for you, the weight of the rocks will eventually weaken the body seams. Unless you know or have references from another reborn collector, do your homework, don't jump on the first one that you see because it's new to you. They are either starting out and don't know any better or you asked for an unrealistic doll weight because you don't know any better or they don't care about the baby or you, just the dolly dollars. Most learn that it's not as easy as they thought. The weight of a baby is best achieved by using poly pellets, glass beads and / or steel (not lead) shot that are contained properly and the limbs should be properly sealed. The body should be in proportion to the head and limbs, also 3/4 limbs do not belong on a full limb doll body. Now, that just ain't right at all! Also please note, the difference in real baby weight and doll weight of 5 lbs. A doll carries dead weight, that means that a 5 lb doll can feel like a 7 or 8 lb living/ breathing baby real soon. Toddlers are several pounds heavier because they have more body area to fill.
Look at the hair: "micro-rooted", "mono-rooted" one /two hairs per shaft at the most, "rooted" three to four (end rooted hair) and no more for thickness. Not pluggie looking like what you would find on a Barbie or some other store purchased doll. And...anything after that I don't know what that would be called. Look for patches in the hair. Tiny ones are expected, just like you see in real newborns, but when you see a head full of hair and big bald patchs, like they got tired and gave up. Unless bald is beautiful to you that's one thing, missing patches not. Is the hair styled or sticking up all over the place like the baby is having a bad, bad, bad hair day? What type of mohair is it? If it looks like straw (dry and coarse), well you can think that one out. That alone can destroy the realism of a beautifully painted baby. Good quality mohair can be expensive to purchase, but worth the cost. Sometimes, we use wigs, not often or paint the hair for realism some babies are awesome that way and cost a little less. Study, study, study is all that I am saying. 
Don't get me wrong, because there are scammers out there in the world, on both sides of this fence. We as reborners have to be just as selective and nervous as you, when it comes to our babies. Kits can be very expensive and that's before you get to the supplies (body, hair, paint, stuffing, weighting, eyes (glass is more expensive than polymere) and then there's the time invested in bringing that baby to life which 99% of us will never get, so you have to love it. Oh, but there are those that get faux milk, I haven't had great luck with that. With that being said, it can be an expensive hobby or business if done properly. It can take over 60 hours to micro-root a head if you are slow and picky like me. Now we have to dress her / him and do a portfolio just so that they will be eye catching to us and "heart string tugging" to that new mommy. Me, personally, I can take up to 300 photos with some kits to get that perfect few...that takes time too! And no, I am not kidding, that's a technique in itself. You have to find that sweet spot in the camera that sees what you see! That also means that we have to buy sleepers, pacifiers, pampers, socks, undershirts, booties, shoes, blankets...do I need to go on? The only thing I think that we don't have to invest in bringing these beautiful babies to life is food, their education and first car! LOL 
Silicones are not vinyl and vinyl is not silicone. Silicone is hand poured solid pieces and painted with a special silicone paint which are both very expensive processes. They do not cost $50.00 they do not cost a $100.00, they cost hundreds of dollars. The head and limbs are solid and weighty. They can have a soft cloth body or full (all solid) silicone body and the most expensive. Kits are more mass produced depending upon how many the sculpting artist wants to release. It can be just a few limited editions to 1500 /world-wide editions or it can be open stock for a period of years through select dealerships. I DO NOT DO silicone, I do not sculpt. I love my babies just the way that they come, soft vinyl hollow heads and limbs. they are not free to me therefore, not free to the public. I do hope that I have made it clear as to why, as I have above stated. 
There are a lot of newbies out there that do gorgeous work, just be careful and remember you get what you pay for when you don't do your homework. Reborns are mostly born of love! Remember that they are dolls and we aren't perfect so don't look for that one, it doesn't exist. However, remember too, that there will be that perfect one for you! There's a mommy out there for every baby! Keep looking, maybe she might be right here or somewhere in another nursery! Quality is not cheap, but it can be reasonable.I bought my first reborn almost 11 years ago from a well known artist Shawna Crymer for a little over $500.00 and she's still beautiful to me, who by the way is how I got started!
As you limp through life; you learn the knack for standing tall...
I would like to say that since the death of my husband, I am slowly getting back to me.
Payment guidelines (in more detail) for those interested in purchasing my Reborn Babies will find adoption information on my “contact me” page. 


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